The Marco Polo Club ステータスマッチを申し込んでみた











1. 僕→The MarcoPolo Club

 Dear Mr. and Ms.


 My name is 〜〜, A Marco Polo Club green member since this spring. I'm pleased to flight with Cathay Pacific Airways and this year I had several flights with you.

 By the way, I already have a Oneworld Sapphire status via Japan Airlines(JAL Milage Bank) and If I could, I’d like to convert or apply this status into the MPC.

 Here I attached my flight history in 2016 and a JPEG file of FFP status card in JMB.

 Please consider about it, and I look forward to hear from you soon.


2. The MarcoPolo Club→僕

 Dear Mr 〜〜

 Thank you for contacting the Marco Polo Club Service Centre and for providing us your Japan Airlines frequent flyer membership card copy.

 We are delighted to hear about your positive feedback regarding your travel experience with us and that you are planning to travel with Cathay Pacific a lot more frequently this year.

 You may find it helpful to know that although Japan Airlines is also a oneworld alliance airline, tier status and mileage points accrued are not directly transferrable. A tier status review is based on a variety of factors of which your past and future travel activities on Cathay Pacific/Dragonair are of particular importance.

 Therefore, in addition to the information we have already been provided with, we would appreciate it if you could also send us your booking references for your future travel schedule on Cathay Pacific/Dragonair if you would like us to review your tier eligibility.

 Before you make reservations, you may wish to check which fare classes you can earn with at, “MARCO POLO CLUB”, "About The Marco Polo Club", "Earning club points" in order to maximize your opportunities to accrue club points.

 Additionally, we would also appreciate it if you could confirm the following personal information as registered in your Marco Polo Club account profile for security verification purposes:

- Date of birth:
- Complete email address:
- Last 3 digits of your passport number:

 We appreciate your support for Cathay Pacific and will be happy to look into your request once we receive the relevant information, Mr 〜〜.


3. 僕→The MarcoPolo Club

Dear Mr. 〜〜

I'm so happy to receive such a quick response from you. Thank you very much.

Now I confirmed that I have to inform you of my future flight Reservation on the Cathay Pacific, and my personal data to identify myself.

1. Flight plans in future
Now I have these reservations↓

CX417 Class: Business ICN → HKG
CX925 Class: Business HKG → CEB

CX926 Class: Business CEB → HKG
CX412 Class: Business HKG → ICN

2.Personal data for identification

Date of Birth: ---------
Mail Address : #########
Passport No : *********

Did I provide all information that you need?
If you need more, please tell me.

I look forward to hear from you soon.


4. The MarcoPolo Club→僕

Dear Mr 〜〜

Thank you again for contacting the Marco Polo Club Service Centre and for providing us the requested information.

We have carefully considered your request and would be happy to offer you a direct upgrade of your Marco Polo Club membership to Silver tier status based on the information we have been provided with as well as the Club's programme criteria.

On upgrade, all club points in your Marco Polo Club account will be reset automatically to zero and a new 12-month membership period will start as normal. This will not affect the Asia Miles credited, which will remain valid until their expirations if not redeemed.

If you wish to accept our offer, please let us know in a return email before 5 July 2016. We will then manually process your membership upgrade in early July 2016 before the start of your upcoming travel under booking reference "******", Mr 〜〜.